Arrived shared made many friends
Purposeful meetings with noble ends
Seekers healers with common mission
Honoring tradition heralding transition

Suffering alone on separate paths
Learning what triggers personal wraths
Must be the change you seek
Substantial effort not for the meek

Doctors lawyers priests leading edge
Stand tall on values out on your ledge
Humanity needs your help
It’s reeling spinning listen to the yelp

Those you serve impact many lives
They’re hurting searching fed up with lies
Seek what’s enduring a calling to serve
Come with presence perseverance and verve

Seek to restore what’s missing on earth
Remember you came to contribute worth
Time to rise up create new story and vision
Act quickly with resolve and precision

Time to lead colleagues and friends
Time to honor thoughtful ends
Engaging with prayers and dreams
Honoring service to higher things

What is your calling and what legacy do you want to leave?

What institutional constraints that impact your service need to be addressed?

– Stewart Levine ©

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