Living is serving and learning to serve

Letting go of the ego and growing nerve

Shifting the focus from I to thou

Caring for others both then and now

Stepping into greatness is simple not hard

Let go of inward focus look out at your yard

Make observation of who wants to get where

Help them design steps then sit back and cheer

The glory that lies in this precious art

Wells up in your inside filling your big heart

Shifting your gaze from inside to out

Time helping others makes you very stout

These thinking habits are opposite to

Our cultural learning of focusing on you

That hell is a place that locks you inside

Being me focused will not help your pride

Please guide yourself one step at a time

Personal revelations will make your life sublime

Connecting your light to your giving source

Guarantees you’ll look back with little remorse

Where do you spend most of your focus – self or others?

What is more satisfying?

Can you think of ways of serving that would be more satisfying for yourself and others?

Is there anything preventing you from doing that beyond habit and inertia?

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