When windows open use your vistas well
Let them light a steady course hearing all they tell
Honor sacred beauty when it reveals itself
Welcome divine presence let go of all else

Now’s the time for sowing seeds from a godly source
Do not waste precious energy on thoughts of remorse
Bounty is your nature service is your being
Abundance joy and happiness are always very freeing

Make the choice this instant let nothing hold you back
Know your choice is heading down a noble track
Please go forth and propagate let progeny abound
When serving this challenging place you need to get around

The dialogues folks dwell on the thoughts that hold their mind
The chatter of misguided wisdom keeps them in a bind
Some are clearly evil many selfish and afraid
For some the only thought “How will I get paid?”

Wake them up lead them from a self-imposed hell
Use each word very wisely teach your lessons well
Soon you will discover what you are made of
Now go with holy blessing vibrate only love

Have your discovered the lessons you are here to teach?
Are you on a path that enables you to do that, directly or indirectly?
If you think you don’t know imagine what they would be if you did know?
How might you go about teaching these lessons?


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