Down at essence center core
Remember what you came here for
Beneath chattering running about
Quiet simplicity wants to shout

Artists work reduce refine
A grand epic to a line
One brush stroke simple word
Enduring for all who heard

Truth is simple without noise
Surfaces out of your poise
Natural shapes you can see
Open heart frees you to be

Everyday pleasures grist of life
Satisfying little strife
Complexity so much to do
Then get older wiser too

Eating laughing sunset’s delight
Communioning makes your life bright
Encouragement wisp of touch
Smile teardrop hug says much

Effortless knowing blissful states
Wisdom reveals an abundant plate
God’s boundless pleasures many free
Slow down don’t try just love and be

Are you taking enough time to enjoy simple pleasures?

How can you engage in a daily simple pleasure and what is today’s?

– Stewart Levine ©

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