The essence of your core
Knows what you’re here for
Beneath the chatter running about
Quiet simplicity without any shout

Work of artists reduce refine
Express an epic in a line
A brush stroke simple fine
Says so much for a long time

Truth is simple no diverting noise
Surfaces from abiding poise
Natures form shapes what you see
Clear hearts’ eye frees you to be

Pleasures from the grist of life
Satisfaction little strife
Think its’ complex so much to do
Then get older wiser too

Eating laughing sunset’s delight
Communion companion delivers light
Smile teardrop a hug says much
Encouraging words a wisp of touch

Effortless blissful states
Wisdom fills abundant plates
Earthly pleasures reasonably free
Slow stop trying love just be

Taking time to enjoy simple pleasures?

How might life change if you engaged one simple pleasure every day?

– Stewart Levine ©

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