Down at the essence the center the core

It all becomes easy what you came here for

Beneath the chatter and running about

Lies a quiet simplicity wanting to come out

The work of all artists reduce and refine

To take a grand epic down to a line

To say with one brush stroke and some choice words

What will be enduring for all who have heard

Truth is real easy no diverting noise

It comes to the surface out of your poise

Forms that are natural shapes you can see

Open your heart free yourself to be

Everyday pleasures from the grist of life

There lies satisfaction with little strife

You thought it was complex so much to do

Then you get older and wiser too

Eating and laughing sunset’s delight

Communion companion make your life bright

A smile and a teardrop a hug says so much

A word of encouragement the wisp of a touch

It can be effortless to know blissful states

Let your wisdom reveal your abundant plate

Most of god’s boundless pleasures are free

Slow down stop trying just love and be

Are you taking enough time to enjoy simple pleasures?

What are the ones that are most enjoyable for you?

Is it possible for you to engage in one simple pleasure everyday?

How might that change your life?

What pleasure will you engage in immediately?

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