When I was a boy an hour seemed forever
A week an eternity a year lifelong measure
As I grow older the opposite seems true
What once took patience in no time is through

Seems as we get near our date with fate
As our time approaches to pass pearly gates
Time becomes gravity falling toward ground
Closer to impact faster hurtling down

Initial inclination knee jerk response of most
Push and pushing faster never miss a chance to boast
Move with helter-skelter running place to place
Never ever slowing to embrace a pace of grace

And as you move faster trying to outrun
The focus on quantity prohibits real deep fun
I suggest a turn around please just step aside
Dismount your little treadmill chose a different ride

Try a life of savoring start to taste each bite
Enjoy each distinct flavor begin to travel light
When the impact takes you to the other side
Memories will have clarity from a slower ride

Are you currently savoring the bites of your life or are you fastly moving through them?
What are the bites that you want to savor? Why?
What get’s in the way? How might you get beyond whatever it is that stops you?

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