Many times you spent a year
Someone’s hour filled your ear
Dribble drabble of their life
Minutest of mundane strife

If you had a recording tape
Made them listen no escape
Did they ever think of impact
Of stories or lack of tact

Nice if all had a filter
Speech had a content sniffer
We would know if anecdotes
Mean much to other folks

Now I’ve risked being profound
Think I’ll have a turn around
Content not as important
As presence and comportment

What’s recalled after contact
More than the words impact
Smiles warm reception eyes connect
Saying something to reflect

Comfort sensed in other’s presence
Authentically revealed their essence
After spending a slice of time
Is the experience peace of mind

What makes you want more connection with someone?

Do you use the same metric evaluating your impact on others?

– Stewart Levine ©

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