Enlivening spirit evocative of god
Emanating from the presence of your smiling nod
Rising from your center overflowing with delight
Capturing the beauty of your endless sight

Sparkling spirit emerging pure from within
Engulfing your sweet essence opening your grin
Joy is the blessing of being alive
Nothing to reach for no need to strive

Allowing transformation darkness into light
No need now to worry sunrise heals the night
It’s about letting go of the fog and mist
Stepping in the sparkle of your sacred tryst

Wash away memories of yesterday’s pain
Let cleansing awaken you’re rinsed by the rain
Allowing divine union of you and your grace
Beaming forth a big smile covering your face

When sharing with others know you are the seed
Vanishing all envy replacing the greed
Distributing your manna showing all the way
Birthing each new dawning of each wonderful day

How much of what’s above can you understand and
identify with?
Is it an aspiration of yours?
Can you remember any moments when you were in the zone?
What did that feel like?
What contributed to that?
How can you perpetuate it?
What’s in the way?
What’s missing?

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