Effort pushes each quest
Expend energy impress best
Contrast delivered for your eye
Needn’t travel to get high

Powdered sugar sprinkled on all
Pristine landscape you stand tall
Nature brings a pure white view
No human effort nothing to do

Simple falling snow
Carefully listen already know
Not too much we chase fills us
Here what’s needed without fuss

No need run banter wave shout
All within rarely without
Wise oracle wisdom profound
To hear pearls quiet your sound

Beyond voices competing in time
Beyond chatter silent sublime
Beyond longings hungers pains
Beyond footsteps peaceful remains

Inside silent like fresh soft snow
Fluffy white cold makes you glow
Hello child delighting in rhyme
Exuberance feeds your divine

Awaken lacey beauty in you
Delicate presence supporting too
Honor sweets prowling your being
Luminous snow opens your seeing

Last time you felt divine presence?

What generated it and what prevents a regular occurrence?

– Stewart Levine ©

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