White powdered sugar sprinkled on all

This lovely landscape makes you stand tall

Nature’s lovely bringing this pure white view

No human effort nothing to do

Delivered at doorstep for your viewing eye

No need to travel it will get you high

We spend effort in movement pushing our nest

We expend precious energy impressing with best

It can be much simpler like falling snow

Listen carefully to what we already know

Not much we chase will fill us up

We have what we need to overflow our cup

No need to run banter frantically wave and shout

All we ever need deep within not out

You are your wisest oracle your wisdom profound

To hear pearls of wisdom quiet your sound

Quiet the voices competing in time

Quiet your chatter if you want what’s sublime

Quiet your longings hungers and pains

Quiet those footsteps hear what remains

Deep inside it’s peaceful like fresh soft snow

Its fluffy white cool it can make you glow

Tap into the child that delights in rhyme

Let that youth’s deliciousness feed your divine

Bring forth lacey beauty that resides in you

Let your delicate presence guide and cherish you

Honor the sweet soul prowling your inner being

Let bright white snowflakes open sacred seeing

When was the last time you felt divine presence?

What did it feel like?

Why did you call it divine?

What generated divine presence for you?

What prevents you from experiencing it on a regular basis?
What would generate your conscious presence of it?

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