Giving support and acceptance honoring thou

The other became primary some day some how

What’s best for them becomes your inspiration

Your presence and sharing generates their motivation

Amazing fulfilling to care for another

To lose the self and give of your sacred mother

To understand deeply it’s not about getting

It’s about serving them letting go without fretting

The trust that encircles the life that you live

Fills up your heart space with joy that you give

Life takes on meaning out of your deep caring

This solid foundation enables more daring

When you are tired or lonely or low

Remember the other who fills you so

Let the focus on other fill up your being

Embracing third-body enables new seeing

When you’re refreshed go forward once more

As heaven-sent blessings strengthen your core

You are taken to new heights and soaring delight

These moments carry you night after night

Are there others around who might benefit from your nurturing?

When was the last time you experienced the gift of your own giving?

How might you support them in their dream or Holy Grail?

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