Keys to a purposeful life
Smiles aplenty minimal strife
No fear of future remorse for past
Security you feel will last

No chatter dancing on brain
Sleeping a quiet refrain
Those you love safe from harm
Those you love keep you warm

Life and nature congruent
Activities seem so fluent
Joy from inside
Smooth in stride

Smile reflects inner glow
Surroundings enthrall you so
Mirror what’s inside
Big hearts carry pride

Happenings around at times painful
What you long drives only gainful
Pulled or twisted by fate
Perspective fills your plate

Grail conquering inner space
Address all concerns you face
Can people around the world
Step out of incessant swirl

Know giving is real
Enjoy that good you feel
Nurture seeds expand broadcast
Beaming all over make it last

When we do earth will change
Every cell will rearrange
Simple blessing for each day
Hold onto your shining way

What do you do to make each day good?

How do you shift focus from self to others and what do you like about that?

– Stewart Levine ©

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