Hurtling forward through time and space

Constantly searching scanning for grace

Looking for solace and for your peace

Finding the junction that provides release

As you bounce around pillar to post

What is the knowing that startles you most

When we stop to realize that all of the bouncing

Provides nothing more than a big trouncing

When we discover that what we search for

Is buried inside we could not want more

The connection to heart that lives in your chest

You have the solace that serves you best

The skin that you live in the thoughts you think

They make up your life provide your relief

So as you travel search as you go

You won’t find better than the life in your soul

Remember your world is so much made up

Of the thoughts you think hateful or tough

You have a choice in programming your brain

You have the power to bring sunshine or rain

What words do you use without thinking about how those words shape your reality?

Are there other words you could use?

How might those words change the reality of your life?

How would those new words impact your relationships? Your work? Your sense of well-being?

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