Finally standing on two feet

No crying whining this is neat

Recapturing essence of me

Getting it when you’re free


No longing for a taking charge

Less dependence feeling large

Life-long fear burning away

Truths inside out to play


Emergence takes whatever time

Seeking what’s already mine

Gestation creates such uproar

For a place you’ve not been before


Journey’s rewards are many

Learning worth every penny

Teaching inspiring friends

Lighting paths for their ends


Journey home back to core

Victory in a great war

Battle struggle test on test

Never over rarely rest


Thrashing mashing gnarling crazed

When it quiets be amazed

Straining stressing all the shout

Ridding demons get them out


When they leave what remains

Black silence clear crystal brains

To help guide hold you and more

Honor dreams you came for


Felt your core then discovered more layers?

Does that inform your journey?

– Stewart Levine ©

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