What stays what goes

What brings joy what forebodes

Where on the spiral do you find your footing

What do you pray for when no one is looking

What blocks your movement what makes you soar

What makes you flee and bolt for the door

Who is handsome to you who brings a frown

What has you see the bright side what turns you down

When you are lonely who fills you up

Who brings big smiles when you’re in the cups

Who stimulates thinking engages your mind

Who taps creativity what sparks bump and grind

These many questions are essential to ask

As you look for your unique path

Others will say you should not judge

Sorting’s elitist and fosters a grudge

I think our being expresses itself

In picking and choosing what goes on our shelf

You’ll never stop picking so why even try

Make your selection celebrate what you buy

Your choice is never better or worse

It’s only different that is no curse

As long as you respect what’s on their plate

You won’t be held up when you’re at the gate

What are the criteria you use when you sort?

In business? In people? In material things? In behavior?

In character? In politicians? In movies? In reading material?

No categories


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