What is the essential presence of power

Why do some have it hour upon hour

How do they show up where do they come from

What do you leave with when time with them is done

My observation power is clean and clear

It vibrates without chatter easy to be near

It’s welcoming presence honors your being

Engages you fully with everyone seeing

It’s not about pushing or loudness or will

Much more about yielding and being still

It can have strong boundaries or none at all

Sometimes quite grand sometimes very small

It comes from deep inside it’s not put on

It’s not illusion and not quickly gone

Sometimes like steel sometimes like gas

Sometimes very gentle sometimes full of sass

Its manifestation comes from a core

A clean deep fierce knowing of what it’s here for

It has a purpose a mission you trust

You cannot derail sidetrack what it must

Drink the lessons it teaches

Listen to its voices reaches

Follow its wisdom charisma and charm

Trust they will not bring any harm

When you encounter this pure clean source

Celebrate its presence honor its course

Bask in the glow of its eternal flame

Let it burn off all your guilt and shame

Who do you know that you believe has personal power?

What about them do you like to emulate?

How do you feel when you’re in their presence?

How do you feel when you leave them?

What is their impact?

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