What is the source of this simple word

Evoking sparkles darting like a bird

Childlike happiness and Santa Claus glee

Letting go and laughter a sense of being free

It starts inside deep puts a grin on your face

Mouth smiling wide eyes open sharing grace

A sense of expansion feeling so free

Your presence is light buzzing like a bee

Your pulsating aliveness is enough to entrain

Regardless of whether sunlight in the rain

It comes from knowing you are taken care of

No need to worry no need to fear love

You look back one day and realize it’s true

Life always takes care whatever you do

Trust in your decisions they always work out

Let this realization wake you with a shout

What a great joy to sense god on your side

No need to push only to feel pride

Your sacred essence scrubbed clean with delight

You glow and sparkle you’re a gift of white light

When was the last time you experienced this kind of joy?

What was the source of that feeling?

Can you replicate that state today? Why not?

What’s changed?

Is there anything in the way besides your internal voices?

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