What is the source that pulls us to heights

Pushes our being to act despite freights

Fosters expansion drives us to our brink

Takes us to places we would not even think

Holds our essence salves our deepest pain

Puts pieces together when we go through rain

Stronger than steel or roots piercing rock

Pays little attention to weather or clock

What is the constant that carries us through

Manifests a soul print makes sure we do

Just what we came for our task and mission

Knows what we live for with no indecision

Our strength is our essence our soul and genes

Guiding unfolding at times speaking in screams

Although we have free will to do as we choose

When we exercise it sometimes we lose

To get further faster go with your flow

Listen to your voice the one buried below

Follow its wisdom honor its heart

Let it design you like elegant art

If you can weather the storms of your pain

This polestar will serve better than brain

Your grail not to fight it just to let go

Your perfect wisdom is strength not your foe

What is the voice you trust?

Where does the voice come from?

What does the voice reflect?

How do you access that voice?

Do you access and follow the voice consistently?

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