Pull you to new heights
Push movement despite freights
Foster expansion to the brink
Take us places could not think

Holds us together through rain
Reminder of essence and salving pain
Stronger than steel or roots piercing rock
Little attention to weather or clock

Constant carrying us through
Manifesting soul makes sure we do
We came for task and mission
Living that without indecision

Strength and essence of soul and genes
Guiding unfolding though at times screams
Possess free will to do as we choose
When exercised sometimes we lose

Further faster go with your flow
Listen soft voices buried below
Follow their wisdom honor your heart
Let them design you like elegant art

Weathering storms of pain
Quiet messages better than brain
Grail not to fight but to be in flow
Perfect wisdom the strength to let go

What is the voice you trust, where does it come
from and what does it reflect?

Do you access and follow it consistently?

– Stewart Levine ©

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