Stress not good for your constitution

Whatever you want not the solution

Mind spinning teeth grinding stomach in knots

Doesn’t serve health or manifest wants


Fine line between tension and stress

Torque of tension draws to happiness

Tension propels pushes you toward

Stress freezes in a tight wad


How do you tell where is the line

What will you do in overtime

Why is the action technique tool

Beyond distress and being the fool


Are you progressing toward your goals

Or stuck in the mud just digging holes

Wheels spinning you’re over the line

Time to slow down rest drink some wine


Find the solution that works for you

Slows your process and sees you through

Tension provides torque and traction

Reward you’re back enjoying the action!


Can you feel tension drawing you forward when vision is out of alignment with where you are?

Can you feel the destruction of stress?

– Stewart Levine ©

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