Giving caring loving them

Filling what’s missing smiling till when

They are assured you will be there

Even though not always geographically near

Sitting on fences projecting self

Trying to give all for somebody else

Looking to fill up their empty heart

Searching for daylight of where to start

The joyous salvation that you can find

The choice that will make up your own sweet mind

You recognize it is not one or the other

In deep heart space they are sister and brother

The glory that’s of you buried so deep

The longing within to please makes you weep

The rainbow at end lightens your sky

The dazzling colors free you to fly

Must you make a choice for one or the other

Would you deign to choose a sister or brother

The love longing to find a feathered nest

Has a mind of its own knows what is best

Let your love seek its end follow its track

Do not control or hold it back

Let your love become as big as it wants to be

Honor that loving let it set you free

Are there ways in which you have tried to limit the love you allow yourself to give to others?

Have the limitations served you in any way?

What do you think would happen if you gave more to others?

Do you think that would be a good investment of your energy?

Do you think it’s a limited resource?

When did you learn to be stingy with your love?

How’s that working?

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