Su Wen

Su Wen

In this sacred moment at your unique pace
It all comes together with style and with grace
After all the struggle after all the pain
Your Humpty and Dumpty are together again

When you’re in the throes of grasping for a life
The journey can be very steep you’re your own midwife
Sometimes you can’t breathe and you gasp for breath
As you struggle to emerge from your sunken depth

Although you have guides as you search for a path
That they can’t do it for you brings up so much wrath
Passing through a needles eye
Fills you with awe and a deep sigh

When you invest in discovering self
Don’t let it be measured by anyone else
The journey takes as long as it takes
The toll is learning where you break

Just when you think it will never fit
And the pain and struggle makes you want to quit
You’re glowing alive and feeling pink
It all fits together and aligns with a wink

For those wondering “Why must I search?”
Trust me I promise you will find the right perch
It all aligns a su wen of stars in night’s sky
Listen your own voices will tell you why

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