Internal voices are quiet serene
All of the longing has become liquid dream
Quiet clear no fretting or fuss
All of your “they” became part of your “us”

Everyone has what they need in their hand
Life can be idyllic but surely not bland
Education and arts health housing too
Whatever your needs taken care of for you

Political borders of all kinds erased
No matter ethnicity religion or race
Using all we know gives security to all
Whatever your dreams follow their call

Compassion helps end sources of criminality
Wisdom enables mania’s release with finality
Systems in place to give each what it needs
Life’s motivation art and good deeds

All of the things you worry about
All of the crimes that make you scream and shout
All of the people you fear for in some way
Are given the gift of their own sense of play

Can this be done in your lifetime or mine
Can we give up power for a world that’s sublime
It’s all here we have more than each of us needs
Technology education distribution that feeds

This is not idle dreaming all we need is a plan
It starts with each person each woman and man
Everyone cherishing this vision’s possibility and worth
We could all go to heaven right here on this earth

Have you ever wondered if we have the resources on
planet earth to take care of all sentient creatures?
Do you think we have a resource or distribution challenge?
What stands in the way of creating a culture in which every
sentient creature has their needs taken care of? What might you
do to make this dream a reality?

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