Searing heartbreak much to teach
Transmute burning for larger reach
White heat suffering anguish pain
Tempers character that remains

Crowning compassion is your prize
In discomfort heart grows wise
Screams and anguish quiet cease
Peace is left after release

Easy choice spare the pain
Sweet diversions hide the rain
Avoid discomfort a growing art
Deflection insulates a knowing heart

Your pathway a road to select
Cultivates a will that’s erect
Journey offered not for the weak
Highway there for those who seek

Choose some suffering honor self
Reward is your life not someone else
Honor courage required to persist
Strength transcends urge to resist

See beauty spirit that’s pure
Relish the blessing of every door
Rest peaceful quiet know the gift
Freedom grace in ashes you sift

In what ways has suffering enhanced your learning?
Would you be the same without the pain?

– Stewart Levine ©

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