Searing pain of heartache with mountains to teach
Transmuting the burning inspires larger reach
The white heat of suffering the anguish of pain
Burns down to true character that is what remains

The crown of compassion awaits as your prize
Sitting in discomfort your heart will grow wise
The screams and the anguish will quiet and cease
The peace you are left with comes from your release

Easy to make choices that spare them pain
Finding sweet diversions to hide from their rain
Avoiding discomfort arises to art
All of the deflection keeps them from their heart

What is your pathway what road do you select
What direction cultivates a will that’s erect
The journey being offered is not for the weak
The highway that opens is for those that seek

Choosing your suffering is honoring yourself
Reward is your own life not that of someone else
Honor the courage you required to persist
Strength you expended transcending urges to resist

Honor the beauty and spirit that’s pure
Honor the blessing of door after door
Rest peaceful and quiet with your knowing gift
Let grace and freedom rise from ashes you sift

In what ways has your suffering been instrumental in your
personal learning?
In what specific ways has the struggle enhanced your learning?
Would the impact have been as great if the lesson was given to you?
Would the learning have happened without the suffering?
How is the suffering tied to the learning?

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