The cause inner source

Separating people with destructive force

Why is anyone better than you

With righteous belief in what they do


They have tools inner skills

Personal success developed wills

Wherever they come from

Status from pushing down someone


Not about the oppressed

Oppressor’s need to be best

Inferior part a misguided self

Needs bettering than everyone else


Masking a missing piece

Hiding pain they can’t release

When feeling airs of another

Show compassion like a brother


Truth why they oppress

Missing their own happiness

Rather than raise their life

Deflect demonize always right


Undertake an honor pure

Recognize sadness help them endure

Extend forgiveness let empathy guide

Knowing they live on false pride


Know people who raise themselves by making others

worse? Do you see missing pieces and how can you be

more compassionate?

– Stewart Levine ©

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