What is the cause and inner source
Separating people by destructive force
Why does anyone need to be better than you
What makes us believe despite what’s true

They have the tools and skills
Needed to take care of their ills
I have a sense where they’re coming from
Their status served pushing down on someone

Unfortunately true not about the oppressed
It’s about the oppressor their need to be best
The inferior part of their misguided self
Needs to be better than everyone else

That need covers their large missing piece
It masks the pain what they can’t release
When you are feeling the airs of another
Have some compassion sense the need of the other

What is truth about why they oppress
Likely they’re missing their own happiness
Rather than raise their game of life
They deflect demonize need to be right

If you would live out an honor that’s pure
Recognize their sadness help them endure
Extend forgiveness empathizing your guide throne

They are very aware they live on false pride

Do you know people who raise themselves up by making others worse? When you think about them do you see missing pieces?
Are there ways in which you might be more compassionate?

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