The gift of giving the joy and thrill

Stimulation derived exercising your will

The intention present from the front of the room

Everyone hoping you will generate zoom

The learning that happens for them and you

Fueled by being spent and free of gloom

You are required to stand up in front

Even on days you think you won’t

It’s not simple business not easy at all

It takes all you have then asks for more

Though you fear the words won’t come at all

It gets more thrilling when they give applause

When they are learning your heart truly sings

Especially when questions make your bell ring

The gift of giving the joy and the smiles

You have changed lives that satisfies deep inside

It’s part entertainment part theatre sublime

It asks everything and gives back ten times

The rush of adrenaline no matter how tired

When it’s showtime in Kansas you will be wired

Are you now or have you ever been a teacher?

What was the experience for you?

Regardless of what your job is today can you hold yourself as a teacher / educator within it?

How might it feel differently if you did that?

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