The magic gift of tools we’ve invented
Takes care of the menial boredom prevented
It makes life easier in many ways
Medical technology airplane delays

Helps us do things we couldn’t do
Instant research global communication too
Communication feeds democracy ignorance is abated
The prison “lacking information” soon eradicated

As we use this tool caution is in order
Things to keep in mind or we’ll be in hot water!
The first is fairly simple Y2K taught us that
We’re relying on a system that can be a brat

The network can breakdown its subject to sabotage
So we must be mindful or we’ll feel the barrage
The other fear is darker more insidious
About human connection in forms various

Life source is community energy exchange
Electricity of cells and flesh must be interchanged
Remember when you’re lonely plugged into your machine
Don’t relegate live connection to the eros of your dream

How do you use technology, how does it serve you?
Do you substitute your life online with real personal connections?
How do you do that? Do you have “enough” face to face community?
How might you change your habits so you have more live connections with people?

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