What makes you anxious fist tight clenched jaw
Teeth that are grinding as you slam the door
Your brain is chattering nonstop mach speed
At every level fear hides what you need

Like mercury retrograde your heart aflutter
Sometimes for you sometimes for another
Uneven breathing marks the passage of time
Sometimes you stop taking air for a while

What is the cause of this excitedness
An unknown future is that a good guess
The animal child that lives within
Likes its routine and where it’s been

Our adult ego and questing spirit
Takes us new places stretching our limit
As we prepare for the journey ahead
Playing out scenarios with expectant dread

Terror of failure a death of a kind
Reeking its havoc torturing your mind
The good news you can learn to resist
Opening awakening treasures in your midst

What are you currently anxious about?
Will that anxiety prevent you from moving forward?
What could you miss because the fear conquered you?
Has fear often stood in your way?
Have you ever learned how to do it anyway?
Would that be of value?

– Stewart Levine ©

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