They come in many sizes many shapes and forms

With righteous indignation they have “truth” and norms

You must conform to their way they have the only path

Self-appointed zealotry comes with fear and wrath


They will stop at nothing to make their presence felt

These chosen ones of infamy claim to be heaven sent

What is their motivation what justifies their harming

They won’t engage in dialogue or provide any warning


They strike at the innocents selfish sleeping snakes

Without a sense of consequence nothing to forsake

They come in many sizes many shapes and forms

They do it all in god’s name they have “truth” and norms


Who are they among you creating fear in others

They terrorize and then destroy their sisters and brothers

What do you do that emulates their twisted way of being

What actions do you sometimes take without truly seeing


Terror can be many things when received by another

Be mindful what you do or say it impacts one another

The lesson that is here for you that you can take away

Is how you might change your life from day to day to day


Although your own reaction may be to strike and burn

I suggest be slow and still first other cheek do turn

Time will provide direction a proper course to take

Let vengeful thoughts be quiet act without mistake


Let this lesson teach you to be simple clean

More human in your bearing project your powerful dream

Get even through your being not what you hate in them

Model and embody what you admire then

Smile quietly and strongly in silence to yourself

Sleep softly and sweetly let your presence be felt

Grow fiercer in your resolve what you came here for

Allow yourself a deepening pride understanding heaven’s door


Can you think of anyone in your life who acts like a terrorist?

In what ways do they have you terrorized and held hostage?

Are there ways in which you hold others hostage through your acts of terror?

How might you change that?

– Stewart Levine ©

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