Bodies rhythmic like mother earth
Spring blossoms harvest summers worth
Heat of summer slows down
Freezing winter don’t move around

Ebbs flows within
Mind of their own hard to win
Mistake many make
Look for reasons in life’s wake

Objectifying mood we’re in
Cause some external whim
Nothing to do with this that whatever
Inside like the weather

Embrace or not that’s how it is
Resist life says none of your biz
The thing to do if you want peace
Accept rhythms let go release

Only way out is the way through
Go with flow don’t resist what’s true
Rhythms your teacher ally friend
Bumps emerge for you to mend

In the end nowhere to go
Home in your skin no thinking I know
Welcome friends emerging within
Hug kiss embrace as kin

Ever think biochemistry causes your internal state
and not something external?

Would life be different if you honored that?

– Stewart Levine ©

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