Focused and linear clear and defined

That’s how we hold time framed in our mind

A known dimension we count on each day

It structures our life and rhythms our way

When we were young it passed very slowly

As we grow older each second more holy

The closer we get to the end of our days

It speeds up like gravity in all sorts of ways

Sometimes too much sometimes too little

I wish I had more so I had time to fiddle

It’s a commodity we try to control

Learn how to manage and even own

Just when we master this ethereal thing

Our “wake-up” startles us with its ring

At a pure deep metaphysical level

It’s all happening now in this we can revel

Now is the only real moment in time

All else past or future a conjecture of mind

Time is no more than a context for sorting

The hold it has on us consider aborting

Everything happens in your conscious present

Whatever you want have it now don’t regret it

No need to wait to envision or dream

It’s all here now no matter how that may seem

How do you think about time?

How does that thinking impact your behavior?

Are there ways of thinking about time that would be more resourceful for you?

What are they?

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