We all pay taxes one form or another

Life has toll stops you pay or go under

Passage from one place to the other side

It can be graceful it can take your pride

What made you think you would have a free ride

What made you think you could easily slide

What made you think you could escape your own ends

What made you think life would be your best friend

The quiet delusion that puts us to sleep

A false sense of privilege hiding a need to weep

The longing and needing that we all share

Without the sacred nothing is there

What is the price we pay as we go

What does it cost to discern what we know

What is our tax in return for the learning

What must we give to cool the burning

How much did you know when you set out to live

How much have you treasured what you have to give

How much have you honored the friends in your hive

For the nectar they give that keeps you alive

Do you sometimes find yourself grumbling about the various kinds of tolls and taxes life exacts upon you?

Do you usually factor in the other side of the equation – what you receive in return?When you look at things

When you look at things through that perspective does that quiet your chatter?

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