Gliding through an expanse on very buoyant air

Thankful in each moment for what brought you here

Love and warm feelings support this great flight

Friendship of all sorts saw you through darkest night

You never suspected a transition so right

Would shake your core and fill you with such intense fright

The moves upon changes moves upon shifts

So often resulted in crippling emotional fits

What looks like pure joy from across the room

Looks somewhat different when night becomes noon

When it’s time for movement and you need a shove

You need to be clear and hold onto your love

The glory that is you and holds you so

Is buttressed by others love that gives you a glow

Remember that your essence is more

Than only yourself and what you came here for

Dear one’s mirror reflect and feedback

Listen to their wisdom it will keep you on track

Remember when soaring on feathery wings

Hold onto your love with earnestness cling

Who are the people that keep you grounded?

What are the ways their presence adds to the structure that is the fabric of your life?

Do you listen to what they say?

Do you honor their presence and participation in your life?

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