Deep knowing numbness not quite fully present

Anger disappointment often resentment

It comes from feeling what is not right

Longing the possible you won’t have tonight

What comes to the surface beyond any anger

What’s deeper longer truer stronger

Beneath the rage and cauldron of feeling

Deep disappointment sending you reeling

The vision you had is mostly missing

That future envisioned you would beg to be kissing

The difference between what you thought you had

That is the chasm making you sad

How do you cure it fix it and heal

First you acknowledge accept and reveal

Be gentle and salve it caress it with love

In time you’ll declare you have risen above

Let it instruct and teach its deep lessons

Honor the learnings as treasured possessions

Use the experience to guide you and others

Share the wisdom acquired with sisters and brothers

Embrace the perspective “it’s not about only you”

The learning’s for others help carry them through

It’s god’s way of teaching a bigger plan

Transmute resolve sadness for all who you can

I hope you embrace what I’m talking about

One day awake knowing smiles replaced your pout

See all the value in the gift of your knowing

Then foster that wisdom in your teaching and growing

What are the lessons you have taken from your greatest sadness and disappointment?

How have you used them?

How have you transmitted them to others?

What was their benefit?

What makes them profound?

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