The energies are different from left coast to right

Left is more ethereal the right concrete less light

For some of us the choice is clear knowing which is home

Those of us not so sure our destiny to roam

Our lives go back and forth seeking perfect union

When the weather gets too hot we feel real confusion

At some time we do see neither’s any better

Just different in many ways one is dry one wetter

Sometimes inside we fool ourselves by wishing we were “there”

When we forget that happiness resides inside our “here”

Some say it’s maturity that opens our heart

Loveliness on either side and that seems very smart

Just sit back and drink it in fill up to the brim

Enjoy where you find yourself it’s more than just a whim

Send yourself love letters from where you are today

Make sure that you honor each of your yesterdays

Savor nurturing bounty life serves up to go

No beating yourself today for things you did not do

Trust in your emergence be curious inside

Honor the path you travel enjoy your sacred ride

How noisy an internal conversation do you have about the location you spend most of your time?

Do you sometimes dilute your current experience because you are in search of the “perfect?”

Is that inquiry serving you?

What might be a better way of looking at the choices you have?

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