Now in this moment here I must face

My life on this planet might be a disgrace

I’ve lost the connection to things that are real

My ability compromised by denying what I feel

I sit here pontificating acting like I know

When deep down inside I feel very low

I know this charade cannot go on forever

I need greater ballast an anchor and a tether

So I sit here bawling crying deep inside

No longer can my sadness be denied out of pride

Here I am with heavy heart

Time for a brand new start

The circle of life is round like a wheel

The living opportunity to sense and feel

Part of the journey to rise from the muck

Time to get started out of the stuck

One thing is certain sure in this life

You will be tested you will have strife

It’s not whether sadness or difficulty befalls

It’s how you’re resilient and answer your calls

When you are down use your head

Choose to greet life refuse staying in bed

Life’s treats will arrive have patience don’t hate

Don’t be so sad when you’re not feeling great

When was the last time you felt a sense of fear and desperation?

Were you able to get through it? How?

How did you talk to yourself about what was going on?

Were you able to embrace it as temporary or did you see no way out?

What will you do next time?

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