Do you have a deep longing for sacred union

Connection protection engagement solution

A melding together meeting of minds

Longing for alignment without double binds

Big roaring fires burning in hearts

Looking for others sharing common sparks

The roar of fires jumps into flames

Providing connection and danger that shames

It used to be easy you married that’s it

Now it’s a new game with a new twist

It’s not so easy life becomes more complex

Much fractured energy and always perplex

How do you find your sacred house

How do you engage with prospective spouse

Where do you find time where is the slice

Where is the window to discover what’s nice

What is the answer where does it end

Your search for the sacred just around the bend

Keep faith hold your vigil do not go away

Let clarity beckon do not go astray

Trust in the sacred you have a plan

One foot then another you will live again

There is a someone a fresh gift sent your way

Hold them heal them love them each day

Have you experienced the heartbreak of losing a sacred relationship?

How did that impact you?

What is the state of your current longing?

How do you try to fill the void?

What level of patience do you have?

How do you talk to yourself about the loss?

Is your mindset serving you?

What might be more empowering?

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