A Poem A Day – Daily Practice for Seekers


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Stewart Levine PoetryI consider these poems my sacred trust to deliver, a part of the reason I am alive living at this time. For many years it was my morning practice to complete one page of journaling as a morning check-in and centering practice.

In 2000 I was on retreat on Whidby Island north of Seattle. One morning instead of text out came twenty lines of rhyme. Over the next three years years out came over 500 poems. It was an awesome experience of self-revelation as I transcribed what was coming through me. It was a particularly fertile and agitated time for me. I was bouncing between Alameda, CA where my partner was and Washington, DC. It encompassed 9/11 and the Bush2 administration  gearing up for war and invading Iraq. I sat on the poems until 2009 when I had them digitized and edited. Since then I have been assigning days and polishing. The work is modeled on Mark Nepo’s lovely  Book of Awakening, a book of daily centering readings to be repeated year after year through deeper and richer self-discovery. I hope you will read them, share them and cherish them as I have.

May they work to create a better world for all.

Though I will be creating eBooks and an illustrated hard copy the electronic one poem at a time is my gift. They came through me and I am passing them along.

It’s my understanding that before there was the written word wisdom was passed through the spoken word in the form of rhyming poems such as these. Please read, reflect and share your thoughts as we build this “Heaven on Earth” community that embodies a world that works for all…