Deeply drawn together quickly pulled apart
Hole of separation completely empty heart
Breathing of another connected to a source
Life affirming texture quiets all remorse

Alone very quiet except for chattering mind
Reverie of oneness life of another kind
You are defined in culture and through others birthed
Human juxtaposition where we find our worth

Take a new found freedom feel it to the bone
Enjoy your aloneness though it’s not your home
Find yourself in others let them fill your heart
As you react and interact discover your own art

Don’t confuse the being that sits and meditates
With the personality choosing to relate
Gifts you bring to others take on many forms
Helping you discover edges of your norms

As your path continues one foot then another
Keep up relationships with sister and brother
Joy and satisfactions that you find in life
Discovered with others not locked in their strife

Engage be tenacious hold on don’t let go
Find freedom in togetherness as you grow and grow
Others are your teachers others are your friends
Others are the treasures revealing your real ends

Is your identity revealed by deciding or through discovery as you interact with others?

Do you closely engage with others and what is your identity in their minds?

– Stewart Levine ©

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